Christian community is based on faith and practice – Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia.

Friends of St. Egidio Community in Arua Diocese, a community that caters for the needy have been encouraged not to neglect the categories to whom they provide the necessary basic human care.

Archbishop VicenzoPaglia who was the main celebrant during the re-dedication of Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral-Ediofe said being close to the disadvantaged is a service to them.

The Archbishop who met with the Community on February 24, 2017 in Arua, said people need to stay together not regarding their earthly status but; come together in Christ who never segregated.

The Archbishop`s Pastoral assistant Fr. Riccardo Mensuali of the priestly fraternity linked to St. Egidio community encouraged the members not to mind of the size of the community instead to be encouraged- that the strength of a Christian community is based on faith and practice.

The friends congratulated the Archbishop for his visit and for nourishing their spiritual hopes in what they do amidst certain Challenges they encounter.

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia was the first priest to join the St. Egidio Community in 1971