The Gospel in Our Home

Introduction for  new resource for families
Experience the beauty of the Gospel in everyday life; discover the Good News of Jesus in the events of your family, on the occasion of celebrations, at exhausting times, in the daily routine and in the joy of feast days.” That is what Msgr. Paglia wishes the families in the preface to a new resource for reading the Gospel at home. This book, published by EDB under the title Buona Notizia Family. Il Vangelo a casa nostra (Good News Family. The Gospel in our house), has been written by Fr. Andrea Ciucci, Communications Director of the Pontifical Council for the Family, and Fr. Paolo Sartor, Director of the Italian Catechetical Office. The authors propose 25 evangelical experiences to be shared in the family.

Archbishop Paglia has at heart the challenge of family communion, when he writes: “Involve grandparents and neighbors, younger children, and even those who are now grown up and no longer seem to want to hear anything about Jesus; the strength of the family resides in helping people of different ages, with different experiences, questions and desires, united together by the strongest bond in the world: love, to walk together