On Being Catholic Healthcare Professionals in the Time of Pandemic

| 26 Marzo 2021

Let me first thank Doctor. Vincenzo De Filippis and Monsignor Jacques Suaudeau for their invitation to open this meeting of the FEAMC Bureau with a brief reflection on being Catholic doctors in this time of pandemic.  It is a reflection that takes on special meaning because of the liturgical season that we are in now: […]

The church must go out

| 15 Gennaio 2021

Nowadays, the church cannot be a mere guardian of ideas and beliefs, however good and righteous that may be. The mystery of life, that is, the way God dwells in history, must not only be safeguarded and protected, but also pragmatically proclaimed as much as possible, because men and women on this planet need to […]

AI, Food for All

| 24 Settembre 2020

Life for Everyone We dream that the day will come soon when all women and men, the elderly and children, healthy and sick, the weak and the strong, everyone, no one left out, will be able to banquet together at one table, enjoying food that is hearty, and comforting drink.  Our dream is that the […]

Revised chemical abortion guidelines in Italy

| 18 Agosto 2020

On August 12, 2020, the Italian Ministry of Health issued revised “Guidelines for the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy Using Mifepristone and Prostaglandin.”  Their reach is limited geographically but the issues they reflect are global. To begin, these revised Ministry of Health Guidelines are not themselves likely to change anyone’s already-existing basic positions with respect to […]

Humana Communitasi in the age of Pandemic untimely meditations on life’s rebirth

| 22 Luglio 2020

Covid-19 has brought desolation to the world. We have lived it for so long, now, and it is not over yet. It might not be for a very long time. What to take of it? Surely, we are summoned to the courage of resistance. The search for a vaccine and for a thorough scientific explanation […]

Regarding the controversies about “Casomai” poster

| 21 Luglio 2020

Regarding the controversies generated by the publication, via Tweeter account of the Pontifical John Paul II Theological Institute for the Sciences of Marriage and the Family, containing a poster of the film Casomai by Alessandro D’Alatri aiming at promotion of an episode of the Adesso in onda il Gp2  program, the following shall be noted: All the social network accounts linked […]