Messa nel santuario di Altagarcia per l’apertura del convegno Somos

| 19 Ottobre 2021

Mark (1:29-39) I chose to preach about this Gospel passage because it provides a model for what we are doing together during this Somos Healthcare Providers Conference.  It is no coincidence that you have chosen to begin the Conference with the celebration of a Mass at the National Shrine of Santo Domingo.  In this passage, […]

The Challenges of Healthcare in Today’s World


We are living through the change of an era, as Pope Francis has said.  The globality of every human experience, the hard-to-fathom, irresistible and invasive development of innovative technologies, with their harmful ecological consequences, are radically and rapidly changing the human condition, with outcomes that are, at the same time, both encouraging and troublesome.  Today, […]

Public Health in Global Perspective – press conference

| 30 Settembre 2021

This Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life – the twenty-seventh assembly since 1994, the year the Academy was founded – has as its theme Public Health in Global Perspective. Pandemic, Bioethics, Future. This is not an Assembly about the pandemic, but about what we have learned from the pandemic and what guidelines we should follow […]

Vaccination is life!

| 2 Luglio 2021

It has now become a kind of mantra that vaccines belong to everyone. Indeed, they are health essentials, necessary in many cases for even survival itself. But as Pope Francis often reminds us, vaccinations also affect the common good and justice: “If a pharmaceutical can cure a disease, it should be available to everyone, otherwise […]

On Being Catholic Healthcare Professionals in the Time of Pandemic

| 26 Marzo 2021

Let me first thank Doctor. Vincenzo De Filippis and Monsignor Jacques Suaudeau for their invitation to open this meeting of the FEAMC Bureau with a brief reflection on being Catholic doctors in this time of pandemic.  It is a reflection that takes on special meaning because of the liturgical season that we are in now: […]

The church must go out

| 15 Gennaio 2021

Nowadays, the church cannot be a mere guardian of ideas and beliefs, however good and righteous that may be. The mystery of life, that is, the way God dwells in history, must not only be safeguarded and protected, but also pragmatically proclaimed as much as possible, because men and women on this planet need to […]