The principles of a new ethic for today’s technology and for artificial intelligence.

| 15 Aprile 2020

In Rome, in February, an Ethical Code for Artificial Intelligence was signed (read here). The initiative, which involved the Italian government, the FAO, Microsoft, IBM, was promoted by the Pontifical Academy for Life, whose president is Vincenzo Paglia. The young Rossella Avella interviewed him for the UCSI website, preceding his words with a piece of […]

“We must fight against this epidemic of loneliness”

| 13 Aprile 2020

Family and Coronavirus – An interview with Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia  by Arnaldo Casali  The great danger is that the Covid-19 virus will damage not only our lungs but also our hearts, that we will become infected with the idea that being alone is good for us, that the only way to stay healthy is to shut ourselves […]

“The great lesson from this pandemic is that there is a universal bond uniting us”

| 9 Aprile 2020

Il Vangelo della vita, argine della pandemia

| 25 Marzo 2020

by Francesco Ognibene Covid-19 can be defeated “by technical and clinical means” but only if combined with the effective anti-viral—“solidarity.”  Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, expresses his closeness to those who are suffering, and to those fear the future because of the pandemic we are experiencing.  He gives us a […]

Science-solidarity combo needed to stop pandemic

| 18 Marzo 2020

by Cindy Wooden The effects of the coronavirus can be defeated only with a combination of science and solidarity, said the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life. “An emergency like COVID-19 is fought especially with the antibodies of solidarity,” said Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the academy. “The technical and clinical measures for containment […]

2020 General Assembly of The Pontifical Academy for Life. Call to Commitment address

| 6 Marzo 2020

Dear friends, Truly, we are experiencing the “change of an age,” as Pope Francis often reminds us, and we are more aware of that change than ever.  It is the reason why we are here today. While humanity has already lived through many periods of radical transformation, we are faced today with a technological innovation […]